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Help with my first Bike

Hello community,

i am a new cyclist and i would like to ask some suggestions about my new bike. I used to ride a cheap trekking / hybrid that did the job very well for what it was. Now i want to elevate thing a bit. I am looking for a bike around 800 euros give or take and sisnce i am not sure about sizes and fits i try to test any bike i find in local shops ( so online shopping is kinda out of the game). I will be using the bike for commute and casual riding in the city ( 2 hours tops per time). Where i live there are a lot of cobblestone roads and the bike lane is not always asphalt so i was thinking to diverge from a road bike, since i am also a big guy.

I have tried only fuji bikes since these are what the dealers had , plus some in-house brands.

I tried the Jari Steel 2.5 which was 850 and felt nice and comfy, also quite heavy. Also another gravel bike from a local store's brand which was 800 but having a tier or 2 higher components in the shimano grouptier and aluminium frame.

I also tried the Absolute 1.7 with aluminium frame and Shimano Altus and lighter that the latter. It came at 650 euros and felt like my previous bike concerning the stance, so it felt like home. The Absolute makes more sense in terms of value for money but i am concerned about the thin tires in the cobblestone and more importantly i am thinking about the Jari all the time. There was also the Absolute 2.1 at a lower end and the 1.3 with a carbon fork and Shimano Sora and a few kilos off at 900 euros.

I do not know if the Jari is worth the money for the specs, and i should be looking for hybrid bike for city riding. Please let me know what you think. Thanks a lot!
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