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Attn Mods: Separate Accident Forum Plz
Originally Posted by downhillmaster View Post
I apologize if this should maybe be in the A&S forum.
There are countless threads in that forum that are nothing more than a news story relay that always tends to devolve into the exact same cyclist vs motorist rant.

How about a new sub forum just for accidents?

That way everyone that wants to do nothing more than relay a news story about a cyclist being involved in a hit and run can have one place to do so without anything else detracting from it.

There is some great information on the A&S forum on how to be a safer cyclist. Why dilute it with the same news story with only the names changing?
Originally Posted by Paul Barnard View Post
I am not a mod, but what makes you think discussions revolving around accidents would be any different if there were a separate forum?
When the new subforum, “Pills and Ills,” was introduced to the Fifty-Plus Forum, I replied to the now-closed thread giving notice, “FYI a new subforum for you all.”
Originally Posted by Rollfast
If want an actual medical section, by all means don't separate the old from the young or the disabled. That can't be too much to ask.
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston
A "whimsical" suggestion, how about a Crash subforum, where the old and young could share their cycling disasters? [for example]
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
…Wow, RF, sorry to hear about this. It sounds like a “major” crash, especially with such damage. I won’t ask “what happened?,” but posting details for me at least gives me renewed attention to such situations on the road
...kind of a "cycling post-mortem."
Presumably such an “accident” subforum would be informational, rather than rants and arguments. Personally, I’m not calling for such a subforum (my comment above was whimsical), and I have frequently posted about my safety strategies, FWIW:
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
…Over the past few months I have come to realize that my safety aphorisms, collected over the years by personal or vicarious experience,are my way of actively aligning the stars in my favor, to anticipate those unseen and otherwise unanticipated dangers.

FWIW, for my own information at least:…

Those are all I remember for now, and they all pop-up in my mind as I encounter the situation.
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston
(from a now-closed thread) I think I have absorbed all the good advice I can for a complete and agreeable cycling lifestyle, and recently I have clicked on many fewer threads than before.

In the past I have offered IMO several useful suggestions about cycling, particularly for winter and urban cycling, to multiple repetitive threads. They are usually lost in the morass of often scores of replies, both in agreement and dispute with mine.

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