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Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post
All of your ideas revolve around the notion that you can accelerate and travel at the same speed as cars which, except in congested traffic, you can't do. All the lining up behind the right wheel to avoid left turns etc... falls apart at that point.

So a car passes me more than once. There's no rule that states you only have to pass one person one time. But, because I don't create an obstruction by taking the lane and accelerating and traveling through the intersections slowly it's not really a big deal. I don't get upset when I pass the same car more than once in stop and go traffic. Who cares? The motorist may see me moving up the line at an intersection but they also see me clear it quickly and merge right to let them continue on unobstructed. It's a win win most times. Way better than to sit in a lane pretending to be a car that tops out at 20km/h and making them wait behind me.

Your reference to the cluttered gutter suggests you subscribe to the VC philosophy which, as you can tell, I am diametrically opposed to. Every video I've ever seen advocating it shows cyclists being obstructive on principle.
so you go to the front of the line at an intersection. If you donít cross on red, then you are creating an obstruction for more cars than I am (working under you assumption that I am obstruction, which Iím not...)

by law, cyclists are granted as much of the road as needed to be safe. A cyclist should not ride in a door zone, through glass, or over broken pavement... this does not mean that a cyclist is an obstruction on principle.
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