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Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post
One thing about Performance Bikes---they often have “Double Points” and “Triple Points” weekends, when you can sign up as a “Team Performance” member for $30 for a year and get free points which can be traded for merchandise.
I'm guessing if he is talking prices in Euros, he lives nowhere near a Performance

Also, from my understanding, the same people that own Fuji own Performance/Nashbar

Originally Posted by MichalisLaz View Post
Quick follow - up. The winter i very heavy where i live.

How do road bikes/racing bike like the Triban 540 behave in the rain/snow compared to the Jari for example?

Thank you so much
If you're riding/commuting in snow regularly, I'd stay far away from road/race bikes. I'd suggest looking at studded tire availability in your location, and figure out what sizes they come in. That will tell you what your bike needs to accommodate regarding tires in the winter months.

As to your choices, if you haven't yet seen a Jari, know they come with a pretty flared handlebar. I personally like the style, but not everyone does.

Regarding your options, any of them will realistically suit your needs just fine. Some are a bit nicer than others, but pick the one that fits your budget and fits you the best, and go with it, there's not really a bad choice there.

I personally love the looks of that Serious Grafix, but thats just my aestetics opinion!

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