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Originally Posted by MichalisLaz View Post
Quick follow - up. The winter i very heavy where i live.

How do road bikes/racing bike like the Triban 540 behave in the rain/snow compared to the Jari for example?

Thank you so much
If you want to ride during the winter, I suggest making sure a bike has enough space in the frame for snow tires and fenders. The three challenges during the winter are: 1) Ice and slippery conditions. 2) Road salt and the inconvenience of keeping your bike clean during cold weather. 3) Operating the controls of the bike (brakes and gears) with heavy gloves or mittens.

Consider a 2nd bike for winter use. It can be more utilitarian because you probably won't be taking as many 50 mile recreational rides in deep snow, unless you're crazy, in which case, get a 3rd bike.
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