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Originally Posted by jefnvk View Post
As to your choices, if you haven't yet seen a Jari, know they come with a pretty flared handlebar. I personally like the style, but not everyone does.

Regarding your options, any of them will realistically suit your needs just fine. Some are a bit nicer than others, but pick the one that fits your budget and fits you the best, and go with it, there's not really a bad choice there.

I personally love the looks of that Serious Grafix, but thats just my aestetics opinion!
I tried the Jari at my local bike shop and felt very nice. It was a smaller frame (54, i am 185cm in height), but i am waiting for them to bring the 56 for a test drive.

About the Serious. It is an in-house brand. What do you guys whink of this? Is there a risk connected to that? Or even i will get good support for the shop since it's their product? Value for money seems nice, rides very well. Compare to the Jari, the latter felt for sure, like it new what it was.
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