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Originally Posted by Paul Barnard View Post
Jim, I am sure you are a good guy, but I don't read your posts. They are so polluted with self-quotes that they become convoluted
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
… what I have gotten directly from BF [include]…the opport***ty to post and literally "journal" my thoughts and activities about cycling and lifestyle (even if nobody else reads them), but which I wouldn't write down otherwise..
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
…So with my experiences in cycling, and my frequent posting over the years, if I have replied on a recurrent topic, written to my satisfaction, I’ll just quote it.

A further challenge then becomes finding the post.
I have recently posted, as I have previously:
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston
(From a now-closed thread) I think that the use of quote boxes, which I have not seen elsewhere is a remarkable way to graphically diagram a dialogue.

Personally for me, as a diversion, it’s challenging to arrange the quotes, and to find them in prior threads. I think it’s a succinct way to capture the variety of a topic….
Originally Posted by TruthBomb
It’s visual diarrhea, pollutes any thread, and is the opposite of succinct (briefly and clearly expressed).
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
So when I nest quotes, I feel I’m emulating a conversation…”He said," then “You said," then “I said, and now I’m saying…”

I leave my quotes as links to identify the author, and if anyone is interested in reading further, or verifying those quotes, they can easily be followed right from the post.

By way of further explanation, I like to make my posts self-explanatory, as if someone reading from the last post in a thread forward could understand the context of my post, so I include quotes expressing the entire “conversation.” Often for reference I'll even include the title of the thread itself.

I use ellipses,"..." to eliminate as much as possible, and still leave the context of the quote comprehensible; and I bold [or underline] key words and phrases to emphasize the core content of the discussion.

While even if nobody reads my posts, I do try to comm***cate clearly to the reader. At least I try to evenly space, and keep my paragraphs short for easier readability, FWIW.
It takes some time to write a properly composed long post [to my satisfaction], and I take my chances that my expenditure of time might connect with another interested reader.
Originally Posted by wphamilton View Post
At last I'm enshrined in a Jim from Boston quote chain, feels like the big time! Thank you.

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