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Originally Posted by Caliper View Post
+1. On the rare times I ride on roads with traffic, I'll behave like a car at a traffic intersection and wait in line also. There aren't any bike lanes where I ride so can't answer how I'd treat that situation. I can see pulling to the front of a bike lane though, assuming the bike lane carries through the intersection.
Agreed. This came up in a non-bike forum, and when someone said he waited as he "didn't see the need to make people pass him more than once" he got a lot of favourable replies (one person said he was living proof that not all heroes wear capes). It's just the nice thing to do.

If there is a bike lane, I definitely go to the front (or behind any cyclists stopped there). It's a separate lane. How is that any different than cars going forward as far as possible in their lane on a multi-lane street?
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