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I couldn't find a good link for the Serious .... i got the same link focused only on the change in price over time. But hey .... Fuji is sort of performance Bike's "store brand." I have a Dawes, which I got from an online discount chain and rode from Los Angeles to Washington DC (well, I rode a couple other bikes too, but that bike got ridden every day, pretty much all day, for 42 days, maybe several thousand kilometers. I just took it to the hardware store to go shopping last night---great bike.

Basically, Every one knows how to make a good steel or aluminum bike frame, and everyone buys from the same pool of parts suppliers. The house-brand parts like the stems and seat posts are probably made in the millions in some factory in Shenzhen China and sold to two dozen different companies and badged to suit. If you have a German bike made by a German company .... I get the frame was built in China and sold by a Taiwanese company, and all the parts with the German store's logo were made there also to the same or almost identical specs and a million other parts and a hundred thousand other frames.

At some point, you set a budget, you pick the bikes that have the best parts within that budget, and you ride them all. if one of them really feels right to you .... yeah, there you go.

Two years from now, if you feel the need, you sell the bike for half what you paid, Pay another €700 on top of the €350 from the sale, and buy an even better bike which is better suited to your needs

Or … ten years from now you are riding that same bike and love it as much as the day you bought it.

You really cannot lose.
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