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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
I ride in traffic around town a lot. Sometimes I ride up to the front of a line of cars and sometimes I wait back in line with the cars. Its totally dependent on where I am going, what type of stop it is, etc.
- If its a 4 way stop, i will ride up to the front and proceed thru the intersection when the car next to me goes. This reduces my wait time and the wait time of any cars that would have otherwise been behind me.
- If its a stoplight and I am going to turn right shortly after riding thru the intersection, then ill jump up to the front of the line so I can get thru the intersection and turn right off the road before (m)any cars pass me.
- If its a stoplight and I am going straight on that road, Ill often times stay back and wait my turn. If I would pass 8 cars to get to the front of the line, then thats just 8 more cars that will need to pass me within a few hundred yards after the stoplight. Me going to the front isnt helping me or the cars.

While I agree that I am not a car, that doesnt mean I shouldnt follow rules that apply to safety when on the road. Cycling is obviously different from driving a car, but safety rules should be followed by all on the road to help ensure predictability. On roads- when predictability decreases, fear increases and safety suffers.
Weaving in and out of slowing traffic, going up on curbs when its convenient to be a pedestrian crossing, and blowing red lights when the rest of traffic is stopped all leads to a decrease in predictability and safety.

I think a lot comes down to what you consider anticipating traffic. Sure, i can anticipate traffic and jump ahead and thru traffic as a result, but then I become unpredictable to the rest of traffic because they cant anticipate what I am going to do.
Good post. This is pretty much what I tend to do. I'm not buying the logic that going to the front helps other drivers out. That's just causing more cars to have to pass you (and therefore, more interactions with traffic).
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