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Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post

It is far safer to advance to the head of the line and cross and clear the intersection when the light initially turns green and all traffic is moving slow from a complete stop. When you act like a car and take the lane you usually move slower than the car in front of you, creating a gap that makes the opposing traffic think it can squeeze a left turn in between you and that car. Cars behind often try to accelerate past you and then make a right turn in front of you because you are moving too slow.
Yeah, I agree with this and I will usually filter to the front at a red light. Itís safer for me and gets me out of the intersection faster (where most collisions occur) and is less disruptive to the flow of traffic.

I am cautious about filtering up if I think the light is going to change though. In that situation I may just take a place in the traffic line and try to ride at the pace of traffic, watching cars in front of me to see if anyone is turning right (with or without a signal), and doing my best to prevent anyone from overtaking me from behind until Iím clear of the intersection.
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