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Originally Posted by Paul Barnard View Post
Are those of you are filtering to the front staying outside the door zone? It's not uncommon at all for someone to let a passenger out curb side.
I have literally never seen that happen, but of course you would exercise caution. You watch the front wheels, and the occupants.

I know the 3 foot rule applies to motor vehicles passing cars, but are you passing the cars at greater than 3 feet? If not, why not?
That's really kind of a reach Paul. They are all stopped, you're going pretty slow, a 3-foot rule for the bike would be pointless. But generally, I'm not passing any more closely than many of them passed me.

What percentage of motorists give turn signals? If a car at the front right hooks you, who is legally at fault in your jurisdiction.
There is no right hook possible when the cars are stopped, and avoiding that potential right hook is one of the big advantages of filtering to the front. If the light happens to change on the way up, my own preference is to slide in behind a vehicle, preferably one that IS turning right. I'll go through behind him, and no one has been delayed.

Does your state law allow that right pass? I know in most jurisdictions it's illegal for motorists to do it,
It is not illegal for autos to pass on the right in through traffic lanes.
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