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Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
somebody borrowed my copy of Talbot and never gave it back. I still resent that even though I didn't like it that much.

It irks me that he used "P.E." in the byline of his book; it implies a level of expertise that he didn't possess. As a bike mechanic, I always laughed at engineers that thought that qualified them to work on bikes, and I laugh even more at engineers that think that qualifies them to build frames. The subtle things about building a good frame are not obvious to an engineer without a lot of study. Pretty much just like everyone else. If I wrote such a book, I would not put Ph.D. in the title, I didn't learn to build frames in engineering school. Although I did study things that would help.
Some guy from here stole both my Talbot and Paterek books, along with some lugs. I loaned them to him because he was local and promised to return them and pay me for the lugs. Lesson learned.

I built my first few frames using a Talbot style jig and it helped me quite a bit. I'm a mechanical engineer and don't have a problem with him using his PE designation, although it strikes me as a little egotistical. Getting a PE is no easy feat so can't fault him though.
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