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Originally Posted by OBoile View Post
The fact that you, a biased cyclist, feels this way does not mean it is representative of the driving population as a whole.

I'd respect you far more if you just admitted you are willing to inconvenience and annoy people just to save a little time. At least own your position.

A) What the hell is a biased cyclist? I drive and I ride. On either side of the equation, my main concern is safety, not whether I'm going to lose a few seconds as a driver or a bicyclist.

I go to the front because it's the only place I'm confident they'll see me. When I haven't is when I've been hit. It hurt. I don't care to repeat the experience.

B) I just explained to you that in the situatuions in which a car passes me twice, I have at no time impeded the car's progress, so I really have no responsibility if they take the fact I went by twice as some sort of personal slight. My driver's perspective tells me that's a pretty crappy attitude on their part.

I have people scream "get off the road" at me from the other side of a 4 lane highway--they aren't within 50 feet of me, and I'm not even relevant to their path. Obviously, my perfectly legal and reasonable use of the road annoys them. Should I own that, too?
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