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Originally Posted by livedarklions View Post
A) What the hell is a biased cyclist? I drive and I ride. On either side of the equation, my main concern is safety, not whether I'm going to lose a few seconds as a driver or a bicyclist.

I go to the front because it's the only place I'm confident they'll see me. When I haven't is when I've been hit. It hurt. I don't care to repeat the experience.

B) I just explained to you that in the situatuions in which a car passes me twice, I have at no time impeded the car's progress, so I really have no responsibility if they take the fact I went by twice as some sort of personal slight. My driver's perspective tells me that's a pretty crappy attitude on their part.

I have people scream "get off the road" at me from the other side of a 4 lane highway--they aren't within 50 feet of me, and I'm not even relevant to their path. Obviously, my perfectly legal and reasonable use of the road annoys them. Should I own that, too?
While I've no doubt you adhere to a 3 foot minimum when passing stopped cars, very few others do.

Anyway, since my opinion means so little to you, I'll stop here. Just remember who is to blame the next time a pro-cycling law fails to pass in your area.
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