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Originally Posted by Paul Barnard View Post
When the light turns green a right hook is most assuredly possible with the first car in line. That based on my watching the positioning of most bicyclists who do it.
They are stopped. You cannot get right hooked by a car that isn't moving, or any of the cars in line behind the car that isn't moving. That's all that I'm trying to say about that point: there is no right hook when you're filtering up. There is no more danger of a right hook when filtered up to get there, than if you were already there and cars drove up behind you, and much less danger than if you're going through beside a line of cars.

I am going to put a spin on your words to give you the motorists perspective of what you do.
I've been driving since 1975, so I've got an idea already.

Nobody, unless they're a completely new driver, is going to think that they were cut off if a bicycle slides in behind someone signalling right and then moves back over afterwards.

What happens when the spacing of the vehicles is such that you can't safely reenter the traffic pattern?
When starting up from a stop in a line of 8 or 10 vehicles? Seriously, you need to stop with the "what-if's" and work with what happens. There is literally almost no chance of that, since there is almost always at least one or several who let a gap open in front, in fact the vast majority. It only takes 6 feet; just watch sometime and estimate the space in front of those cars. It won't even be close when you put a bike behind one.

To answer your question, I'm either behind the car as I said (ideally), or beside the gap between them. Why do you think that's ANY different than what you do if you had NOT filtered up?

Remember, that right-turning car is going MUCH slower than your bike can go through, so we're all waiting on him, not you. I am behind him, not beside him, and I strongly suggest that you, or any cyclist, adopt that same method.

These aren't mental gymnastics to justify anything. They are, without question in my mind, the safest way to approach most intersections and in some respects the least disruptive to traffic. I have seen too many fender-benders from drivers not paying attention at lights to stop between them for no reason, when there is literally no downside - for anyone - to being in the better position at the front.

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