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Originally Posted by jefnvk View Post
For strictly road riding, I'd agree. Where I don't think it pans out is regularly commuting on cobblestone and dirt paths, while one CAN do it on 23s, it is hardly more ideal than a gravel or flat bar hybrid that can fit 40s ( and likely fenders) or better. Especially so, when tossing snow in.

The gearing on the Serious would run from 25-115 gear inches, which is more than enough top end for me at least. A cadence of 60 has you over 20mph, and 90 has you nearly at 31
I am certainly not going to argue snow-riding with you.

What sold me on B'Twin is that it can handle 32-mm tires (without fenders, though) I kind of figure anyone who Really wants to ride snow---not winter, but Snow ... will need 2.1 tires with metal studs ... I would buy a cheap rigid MTB .... though I don't know if they salt the roads in Germany.

Not sure I would be happy with the gearing ... but it isn't about me being happy. if the OP gets a good idea of what to expect, he can hopefully buy something that works for him.

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