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Originally Posted by wphamilton View Post
They are stopped. You cannot get right hooked by a car that isn't moving, .
If you are beside a car at an intersection when a light turns green, there is absolutely a danger of being right hooked. I am amazed that I have to mention that in a conversation with a seasoned cyclist. Robert Hurst mentions that danger in his book The Art of Cycling. He also mentions the door risk. I am surprised that it's not a consideration for a seasoned cyclist.

Here's another nugget of gold from a seasoned cyclist.

We were discussing what happens when the light turns green when you are filtering. You said you just slide in behind someone. I asked what if there isn't room. This was your response.

"It only takes 6 feet"

So here we have a seasoned cyclist who is afraid to be in between stopped cars at an intersection for fear something will go wrong, but will happily wedge himself into a six foot gap in cars that are taking off at a green light.

We simply process risk differently and compute risk vs gain differently. You choose a style that may find you moving in and out of the flow of autos as you move through the intersection, while my default style is to move through with the autos. In doing so I mitigate the risk of a right hook on take off and I mitigate the risk of getting doored. I won't ever have to wedge myself in a 6 foot gap using my preferred style. I'll remind you that on roads that are wide enough for me to filter to the front while staying clear of the door zone and wide enough that motorists will be able to pass me at a safe distance without crossing the center line or moving into another lane of travel, I may very well filter to the front.
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