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Originally Posted by livedarklions View Post
I think what's needed in these discussions and sorely lacking is any discussion of the fact that 99%+ of the time, interactions between motorists and bicyclists are either non-eventful or actually pleasant. Last evening, for example, I pulled up at the stoplight on the far left side of the right-hand turn lane, consistent with state law. A pick up pulled up behind me in the turn lane. I actually picked up my bike and moved a few inches up to the left laterally. The older man in the pick up pulled alongside looking a little sheepish and said "you didn't have to do that, I'd have waited". And I said "what for? No problem, and I just made myself a little more obvious to the car to my left." Right turn guy laughed and drove on. Guy to my left might have been wondering what we were talking about, but there wasn't any problem.

I don't know why these threads always end up making it sound like there's a war going on out there. I really think it's fueled by some jerks with 4 and 2 wheels who act badly on the roads.
I have moved over like that for people in the past. Most often it's when I am at the front of a queue going straight and a car comes up behind me with the right turn signal on.
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