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Originally Posted by Paul Barnard View Post
If you are beside a car at an intersection when a light turns green, there is absolutely a danger of being right hooked. I am amazed that I have to mention that in a conversation with a seasoned cyclist.
Who said "beside a car", other than you just now? Not I, for sure.

What exactly are you thinking that "filtering" entails? As far as I'm concerned you can filter (roll up to the stop line) and position yourself as well as, or exactly the same as, anywhere else in line. Additionally you can be beyond the first car, even better.

This was your response.

"It only takes 6 feet"

So here we have a seasoned cyclist who is afraid to be in between stopped cars at an intersection for fear something will go wrong, but will happily wedge himself into a six foot gap in cars that are taking off at a green light.
Again, no one said "six foot gap" except you, just now. It only takes 6 feet for the bike, for you, but the gaps are almost always much larger than that. It is a complete non-issue, since you will see at least a car-length and more often 2 lengths or more.

I'm repeating myself, but you really need to stop imagining and observe the actual situations, because we're working against a serious dichotomy here.

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