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I am also a mechanical engineer. I would say that a Ph.D. is harder to get than a P.E. and I still don't throw my title around if I'm not working in my field of expertise.

I know I got some ideas from talbot's book, as well as the Proteus pamphlet. Paterek hadn't showed up yet. I have never looked at his book. I asked to borrow a friend's copy of Talbot so I could critique it better, but I think he was put off by my promise to burn it when I'm done. My philosophy is that everyone has something to teach me. I think I was in a sour mood the other day when Talbot came up on facebook. There wasn't an internet around when he wrote his book, so it took some initiative to go out and find a framebuilder to help him. Although, maybe Eiesentraut was teaching classes, that might have been a better start
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