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Originally Posted by genec View Post
For the same price as that old clumsy 12 pack...

Of course I also recall when Coke came in 7oz bottles... 2 liters is pretty standard these days.
Check again. Haven't seen 2 liters in quite some time. They are 1.5 liters now.

Originally Posted by spinnaker View Post
Where have you been for the past 10 or 20 years? stuff like this has been going on for a while now. I recall it started with coffee. Same sized container but less product inside.

Oh and the quarter pounder does not weigh a quarter pound and the one foot Subway isn't really a foot. Sorry to burst your bubble.
You normally can't fake a specific measurement. Quarter pound burgers are weighed to a quarter pound before cooking. After the fats melt and run off, it's going to weigh less.

Subway on the other hand have figured out to fake length indeed. GetGo is a convenience store with sandwich shop around here. Their 7 inch sandwiches are longer than Subway's foot longs. Twice the amount of meat as well. Subway is way skimpy on the meat.

The bigger problem is with recipes that specify a certain traditional "standard" size of something. Example, baking something with condensed milk and eggs. You can't exactly easily cut the recipe down to use 1 2/3 eggs instead of 2 eggs because the can of evaporated milk use to be the standard 12 ounces and it's now 10 ounces.

I also do prefer my toilet paper width to cover more than 2 fingers like it use to. Unlike noisebeam, I and my 2 daughters really wouldn't enjoy sharing the family cloth and prefer toilet paper.
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