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Originally Posted by livedarklions View Post
You've got a huge fallacy in there which makes it pretty obvious why I view this utterly differently than you do. If I have been able to get to the intersection by passing cars that were ahead of me, that means that the road was wide enough that I could easily do that. If that is not the case, I am not going to try to pass them on the right because the time gained isn't worth the risk. What this means is that passing is not really much of an interaction, and therefore having to pass me twice imposes no cost on the driver whatsoever either the first time or the second. The only time I take the lane is when I have no safe lane on the right, and I know I'm obstructing the drivers behind me, and don't like it at all. Otherwise, I really don't care if they're offended by seeing me twice--it just isn't a concern that outweighs the benefit of getting in front of and to the right of the cars in the intersection so that I'm not in anyone's blind spot when it turns green. When it turns green, I find I'm usually actually a little faster than the cars for a few seconds, just enough to get through most intersections ahead of them. Cars really accellerate rather slowly at stoplights.
This is exactly right. And I agree that if I anticipate the light, I can get up to speed and be half way through the intersection while the cars behind me and across from me are just rolling off the line.
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