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Yeah I can wear shorts in the lab haha - although I'd chose to wear something different if I had planned on doing a lot of hands-on wet chemistry that day.

The microwave digestor is something that I convinced my boss we needed to purchase a while back to help with high-throughput metal analysis of refractory oxides and biological materials that need elevated temperature for complete dissolution. I've since developed the methodology to dissolve our particles in rat blood samples (for cancer treatment) with a HNO3/HCl/Peroxide/HF matrix for over 1000 samples, which from a synthesis and characterization perspective has enabled a tremendous amount of billing.

I use the microwave myself for custom/one-off/challenging samples, but for continuous projects like that I develop the methodology and then recruit lower-level resources to do the day-to-day sample prep and cleaning. Same with the operation of the mass spec itself.

So yeah it's a PITA but I love it

Lastly @Ttoc6 there are no passwords or other savory bits of information on the post-its, mainly tuning and calibration tips that I leave there to help the routine operators
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