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Originally Posted by Doc_Wui View Post
In truth, unless you set out to hate something, you will quickly get used to the assist on whatever you pick.

Keep in mind that there may be days when your are forced to pedal without power, and there may be days when you may want to pedal unassisted. I've only had one of the former and many of the latter. In which case, it's worth seeing how the bike works as a pure bike.
So true, and I wouldn't know anything about it, but I do know that range anxiety is a thing. But I don't know that people really run out of power as often as they think they will. I really like what I have read about the Copenhagen Wheel. The ONLY thing anyone has ever said bad about it is the 30 mile range worries them. Seriously. People who have never gone more than 10 miles (round trip) ever at one time are wringing their hands over an advertised 30 mile range of a motor. For me, it would be simple: if you have a bike already that you like, Copenhagen Wheel. Period. End of story. If you need a bike and an e-assist, a crank drive system has better performance. I imagine all the major systems are as good as any other. Buy the bike you like, and learn to work with the crank drive system it comes with.
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