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Manufacturers have given various reasons and excuses for downsizing.

At first they claimed it was to suit consumers' expectations of quality at a certain price point, regardless of quantity. So coffee went from one pound packages to 12 ounces. Then 11 oz. Then occasionally 10.5 oz.

Then they claimed it was to standardize packing to suit the needs of retailers. But meatspace shelves and displays are versatile enough to accommodate many sizes and shapes. So coffee sellers began fudging the quantities downward.

For awhile, about 20something years ago, Community Coffee was the last to offer coffee in full 16 ounce, one pound containers. And they boasted they always would.

Soon they downsized too.

It's all a lie.

At some point it's no longer cost effective overall. Sure, it may be cheaper for consumers. Often the larger bags of coffee cost more per ounce than the smaller bags, due to economy of scale. But as quantities shrink the manufacturers are being more wasteful with packaging. At some point the cheaper price we pay carries a higher cost in environmental impact. Keurig K-Cups inventor is a classic contemporary example -- in 2015 he said he regretted ever developing the environmentally wasteful things.

I don't care anymore. I have some brand preferences but no loyalty. Same reason I don't care about sports teams anymore -- zero loyalty to fans, so it's appropriate to reciprocate.

For anything I buy I have at least two alternatives that are acceptable. I'm picky about coffee and won't drink bad coffee. I'd rather economize by drinking less than compromising on flavor. It doesn't need to be expensive to be better than Folgers, Maxwell House or almost anything in a can. So I buy whatever happens to have the best discount that week. Sometimes it's Gevalia (love the flavor, but it clogs my French press because they use a fine grind). Sometimes Seattle's Best. Sometimes it's Braum's (darned good for $5-$6). Sometimes I'll buy whatever whole bean coffee is on sale because it's usually better anyway and I can grind it to my liking for a French press.

"I hate small portions of anything, particularly when they taste bad." --Bond. James Bond
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