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Originally Posted by jefnvk View Post
For strictly road riding, I'd agree. Where I don't think it pans out is regularly commuting on cobblestone and dirt paths, while one CAN do it on 23s, it is hardly more ideal than a gravel or flat bar hybrid that can fit 40s ( and likely fenders) or better. Especially so, when tossing snow in.

The gearing on the Serious would run from 25-115 gear inches, which is more than enough top end for me at least. A cadence of 60 has you over 20mph, and 90 has you nearly at 31

Couldn't reply earlier due to forum rules. Not sure if i understand correctly but you say that in winter conditions the road bike will not make it, and on the other hand the gravel bike will be under performing for road usage?

Bottom line is, since winter is coming (pun intended), which bike- or bike type would be more suitable to do everything (of course not extreme snow etc. Who is the chameleon of the bunch?
Thanks a lot!
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