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Originally Posted by KraneXL View Post
This isn't about pricing, we all realize food -- and everything else -- is getting more expensive. The point is truth in advertising and deceptive marketing practices. I have no idea how long it was before I noticed I was paying for a 4lb bag of sugar instead of 5 lb bag. Do you know when it changed?

And its also about things such as maintaining the pint sized container on the outside while cleverly raising the bottom to reduced the amount of contents on the inside. As someone pointed out, you're not getting a pint (16oz) of ice cream anymore e.g., Haagen-Dazs. Same with cereal -- as if it wasn't already expensive enough. Same height and width when you view it on the shelf, but a lot thinner box in depth.

Most of our lives we've come to expect products in standard sizes but we're getting all kinds of odd measurements lately: 9.5oz instead of 12oz. Or 40oz rather than 48oz. Worst thing is, most of this are from top brands we've come to know and trust.

When you've been buying a product for years does it just happen to occur to you that you might be getting less product in the same size container? Maybe it does now, but I doubt most people check for something like that. That's what make it so insidious. Its like adopting the tactics you'd expect from a used car salesman.

You should be furious at what's happening, and these manufactures for this type of practice. Especially if you've been a loyal purchaser for years. They are quick to advertise when you're getting more i.e., 10% more for the same price. But have you ever seen a single item that informs you when you're getting less than normal?

At least we can now see why we have all the laws and restrictions we do. This should remind us how quickly even the major name brand manufactures will use clandestine methods like modified packaging to cheat their loyal customers. And the fact that they can slip behind a "fine print" type technicality, makes it even worse.
These companies are owned by shareholders that demand an ever-increasing profit margin. One year they will lay a bunch of people off to increase profits, the next year they'll cut benefits for remaining employees, the year after that they'll reduce the amount of product the consumer gets, and the following year, who knows? Maybe start adulterating the product with some cheaper substance to bring the cost of manufacturing down, or moving operations to China. These people are relentless in their profit-seeking, and their greed in part in keeps companies efficient, but it their chiseling ways become too obvious to the consumer, people will stop buying the product.
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