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Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post
Uhh... Exactly what I said. I move to the front, cross the intersection and stay to the right once traffic starts moving so cars can pass. Works very well!

Absolutely. This talk of being a jerk or obnoxious because of filter up just doesn't jibe with my real life experience wherein the vast majority of drivers don't seem to care what I'm doing or even may appreciate that I am actually working hard to pedal a bike. Way to go old man! I ride assertively but courteously and not aggressively. I mostly get friendly honks and thumbs up and it's very rare to have a negative response from that. I also think motorists appreciate someone who is predictable and telegraphs their intentions well and I think that is projected in confident take control riding habits. Drivers are more apt to give cyclists lee way when they see cyclists also giving leeway - which I do when ever possible.
People seem to forget how we're all in this together, we just wanna get to work in one piece and on time so we can go be miserable there. If there's anything I can do to keep traffic moving, that's my main goal. Yes, selfishness and taking the right of way when it's yours is good much of the time, but if you see someone in a car make a minor misjudgment, just smile and wave 'em past, no need to be vindictive or anything, it could be you next time who's in the wrong.
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