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Haha @Maelochs, I actually live closer to the equator than the north pole, and nowhere the Arctic Circle, but it feels like I'm there all winter, I do understand snow

Even for my 5" fat bike, I bought a set of studded tires for extra grip in winter. I wouldn't be riding around snow without something really wide or studded. I'm sure it can be done, but I don't particularly like crashing

Originally Posted by MichalisLaz View Post
Couldn't reply earlier due to forum rules. Not sure if i understand correctly but you say that in winter conditions the road bike will not make it, and on the other hand the gravel bike will be under performing for road usage?

Bottom line is, since winter is coming (pun intended), which bike- or bike type would be more suitable to do everything (of course not extreme snow etc. Who is the chameleon of the bunch?
Thanks a lot!
If you're truly planning on riding in winter, I couldn't recommend the road bike. I simply don't see road bikes out n the winter by me, I'd never attempt it. If the BTwin can actually fit 32s, it could fit the narrowest studded tires out there, but in MY opinion, for MY riding, there is far more upside to the gravel bike on the road than the road bike off the road. My gravel bike is my regular road bike, my skinny tire road bike sits in a corner and I probably should just sell it. To me, the gravel bike is the chameleon, that is why one is my regular bike.

That said, I should probably ask how much winter are we actually talking? Are your sidewalks and roads covered all winter, or do you get a couple centimeters here and there but its mostly clean? Do you regularly have ice on the paths (ice is where the studs really come into play)? In any case, with cobbles and dirt paths, wider tires are simply going to be more comfortable.
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