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Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post
A question for those who know. Being a vegetarian I often have to consider local food customs if planning to eat from venders along the way. Is that region vegetarian friendly or would it be a challenge to eat in roadhouses, cafes etc...
I dont know about Himilayas specifically, but it is incredibly easy in the areas around Bangalore and Mumbai. Its harder to find meat than eat vegetarian some places there. If I were ever forced to give up meat, I'd switch to a strictly Indian diet

By law, all packaged food products there are prominently marked with either a red or green dot, as were yhe menus many places. Red indicates the food contains animal byproduct (according to some legal definition), green says it doesn't. That said if you get to vegan or other more specific animal free diets, you may find it harder to know if what youre eating adheres, but I still doubt you'll have much of an issue.

Just watch out for the things that look like donuts at breakfast. While vegetarian, theyre actually fried dough with hot peppers inside. Definitely wakes you up though..
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