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Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post
A question for those who know. Being a vegetarian I often have to consider local food customs if planning to eat from venders along the way. Is that region vegetarian friendly or would it be a challenge to eat in roadhouses, cafes etc...
I don't know for certain but would consider the following:
* Some parts of the road are remote with limited opportunities for anything.
* Manali is predominantly Hindu. Areas from there have many Indian tourists. I would anticipate places catering to Indian vegetarians.
* Leh is predominantly Buddhist. It has an international airport and a number of Western tourists flying directly there. Unlike some other districts, it has more of a reputation of being away from Kasmir violence, so Westerners fly directly in and out (e.g. saw a number of Europeans and also Israelis).
* Srinagar is predominantly Muslim. It has some tourists, but that seems to go up and down in different years.

So if I have to guess, places with Indian tourists will both have vegetarian choices and pretty clear red/green labelling. Slightly larger places and places closer to Manali are best bets but it wouldn't surprise me to have some also along the main road since that is becoming more popular.

I would put the lowest chances at rural places in Kashmir, but even there if they get some tourists, they may have clearly separated vegetarian foods.

Leh itself should have vegetarian choices, but a bit of a wild card in more rural Tibetan areas (e.g. more likely to find Yak).
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