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Thanks for all the ideas re: clothing, changing the route, and so on. Very helpful. I think I'm most disappointed today because my MIND let me down, not my body. Yes, I was a little tired, but my MIND gave up long before my body would have, and as you know, I believe cycling is 50% physical and 90% mental. I even sort of watched myself cave in mentally -- I could see/hear my own inner debate and I let myself fall for it.

Falling for my own BS is NOT supposed to happen! I also know if I'd gone one more lap, I would have done the rest. I would have been in the forties, and that's so darn close to the fifties that it's not even funny, and that's right next door to sixty. So I would have kept going. I wanted to leave it all there on the road today, not bring anything home. I wouldn't have been any more tired / sore than I am now.

Reason I was doing those loops was it was the same place (Coronado) that I'd done my first metric, last October, way before I thought I was ready, and I did that one on KNOBBIES. I wanted to compare the first to the second. So to go out there on slicks, in much better shape, and with a metric already under my belt, and then to let myself talk myself into quitting, was just too much.

But I'm trying to reframe. I keep telling myself I went 7 miles farther than my minimum goal. That helps, but no one remembers who finished second.
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