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Man, DG, ya gotta rent "American Flyers" where Kevin Costner made his more or less film debut. About this guy who cracks in a race but there's a brain aneurism thing in his family and then he and his reluctant little brother decide to battle back toward victory in the Hell of the North race. Whoa, dude. Won't spoil the ending but its bittersweet happy sort of. Also hokey and unreal, but good for a bachelor at home evening. Inspirational a little. No "Breaking Away" which is a truly gotta see cycling movie, but Flyers will do as an "I cracked" movie. Besides, you can watch Rae Dawn Chong and dream.............................

New to cycling and more callow in those days, I ran out and bought a Specialized Allez just like Kevin's in the flick. But my career didn't take off like his. Go rent 'em both for a cycling double feature. And DG, lighten up dude.
..... "I renewed my youth, to outward appearance, by mounting a bicycle for the first time." Mark Twain, Speeches
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