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In my previous remarks on this subject I think I failed to explain why I like the evening start.

The evening start arranges your schedule so you finish your day of riding just as it's getting dark. That's exactly when I most want to quit anyway. That's when I want my dinner, and a beer or two. The evening start meant going to bed at a "normal" time, which was a great advantage for me.

Aside from the bedtime issue, I dislike riding in evening traffic. I don't want to generalize too much, least I sounds like an anti-car nut, but in the evening there is more traffic, and a greater tendency for some drivers to think cyclists don't belong on the roads. I disagree, but I'm not interested in the argument. If I quit riding at dusk, i avoid all that. I can be asleep by 11:00 PM and on my bike again by 2:30 AM, when there is much less traffic.

I don't know whether these arguments are directly applicable to PBP. But this was part of what I liked about the LOL last month.
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