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My $400 "WattBike" (CycleOps Indoor Cycle)

It seems like a lot of track racers and teams are going for the WattBike as an indoor training solution.

3 times I've converted an old CycleOps spin bike to a world class track sprinting workstation. I found 2 of them for $400 or less on local craigslist ads. All had working power meters.

The key is to get your favorite bars on to the bike as to standard "aero bars" or 44cm drops with fake hoods are not great for standing start efforts. With my mods, you can use any bars (road, track, or aero bars). You simply add a 1 1/8" "steerer" to the unit.

Note the thick silver sliding rails for adjustment. The handlebar rails are the same as the seat rails. To create a steerer tube, simply buy a replacement Long Seatpost (which oddly isn't on their website anymore...crap) and take it to your favorite welder (Seth Snyder of Snyder Cycles did mine). Have him/her lop off the bent part and then weld on a 1 1/8" sleeve. That is your steerer tube.

Now you can attach any stem. I suggest a stem that points downward. The only downside is that it might not go low enough for riders of much shorter than average height. It'll still be very useful, but if you want suuuuuper deep, it may not work.

Depending on how old the spin bike is, it may have the friction control on the top tube or via cables. Top tube is good because you don't have to deal with cables. Cables are good because you can now use a bar-end friction shifter to control the resistance at the bars. Great for modulating resistance while still in the drops during the effort (e.g. simulating motor pacing).

Let me know what you think!
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