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Originally Posted by Morelock View Post
elegant solution!
I did something similar many years ago to our Serotta fit machine so we could use aerobars / 31.8 bars.

I think it's a good option for serious trackies who can't get to a velodrome regularly but would like to do all-out efforts. Most rear wheel home trainers can't handle over maybe 700w before slipping.

The 50lb flywheel makes it great for steady efforts, too. Feels the most natural of any system I've tried (I haven't tried them all, though).

I also like the fact that one doesn't have to attach/detach the track bike to it. This was a pain with the Cateye CS1000. The downside is that you need space to put a gym quality (and sized) spin bike.

My guess is that it's at least 200lbs. Two strong people are needed to lift it. But, it tilts and rolls easily on the hind wheels (rollerblade wheels).
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