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That one is hard to put a value on as there is very little comparison out there. It I should potentially worth a nice number but you will have to be able to show some provenance to get top dollar, I.e, documentation from Merckx factory, pics from the bike show, etc. I would think eBay would be the best place to get top dollar for a unique bike. CL would be the worst place, unless maybe you live in a big metro area. I would maybe take a flyer and put it on eBay for $2200-$2500 ish and see what happens. It would probably take a while to sell because basically your market is a relatively small number of collectors that will pay that price.

Otherwise as a nice condition vintage track bike I would think about $1000-1200. For reference, a year or so ago I had an ‘85 Merckx Pista frame and fork that I thought was worth about $800 or $900 but ended up gettin about $550 for it on eBay.

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