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Originally Posted by NYCJohn170 View Post
I did a Tuscany bike tour last year. It's different. They had a lot of wars BITD, all of the towns are on hilltops. So your day goes something like so....
Breakfast, screaming descent, flattish, lung busting ascent, new village walk around have coffee. Screaming descent, flattish, lung busting ascent, lunch, walk around another village. I'd go on, but I'm sure you get it.
LOL! Reminds me of touring in Andalucía, Spain. I often dreaded looking at a map and seeing the road go through some small town. I would think "That thing is going to up*a really steep hill." Fortunately, in many cases the main roads now bypass small town centers so you don't have to climb into town if you don't want/need to. But not always. I remember seeing a sign showing a 12% grade into town. Another time I had to push the bike for a bit to get to the main plaza.
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