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Fred, we're both in So Calif and live and ride practically next to the Pacific Ocean. You can save on bike wear by going to the surf shops and getting rash guards. I think they work very well for bike riding. They have some spandex material mixed with other synthetics. They're fast drying and have some sunlight protection. I use both long sleeve and short sleeve rash guards. These mornings it gets pretty cold and windy so I start with a short sleeve, then arm warmers from Performance, then a long sleeve rash guard. No wind jacket but sometimes I do cheat a bit and use a plastic bag from the produce dept and sandwich that in between the two rash guards so that the wind does not penetrate the chest.

The price of the rash guards are around $15.00 for short sleeve and $20.00 for the long sleeve when on sale. Since I live in Huntington Beach, I go to Jack's and Huntington Surf. Jacks has their warehouse in town and that's where I get the sale prices.

Also in Huntington Beach is the company, TYR which makes swimwear, like Body Glove, Speedo, etc. The interesting thing about TYR is that they also carry a line for triathletes. So twice a year they have a factory close out sale, July and Decembeer.

Other tidbits: The size I buy is not for surfing. I get a size larger because its for biking. Because there's no pouch to these type shirts, I buy an extra large bag for under the saddle. If you go to Hawaii, there are surf shops there and you get some nice rash guards with Hawaiian logos. I have noticed at some sports stores like Sports Chalet and REI, that they're selling shirts similar to bike shirts and rash guards but are an all purpose type microfiber T shirt but tight. That too is good for our weather conditions.

I had a tough ride on Sunday as well. It was very windy and cold on Pacific Coast Highway. I had to keep the cadence high and sacrificed speed. Its one of those days when I'm glad just to finish at get home. Towards the end as I approached the Huntington Beach pier, I decided to stop by the Jamba Juice store and get an ounce of wheat grass extract. That plus some water actually helped me recover.
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