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Iíve been teaching frame building classes ever since I quit teaching high school in the late 70ís. This length of time has given me opportunity to know what my students do with their knowledge. It is a majority that choose not to build a 2nd frame. Some realize they donít have the talent or sustainable interest to try again. Others donít have enough money for equipment or space to put them to make more. Many just want to make something for themselves rather than buy it. It increases their knowledge and provides pleasure and pride. They like answering the question of what kind of bike are you riding.

Because of only taking one or two students at a time I have the flexibility to adjust my classes to fit the needs of each student. Some like to be involved somehow but love for me to do the hard parts. They arenít interested in learning how to be a master brazer but still want a professional quality frame. Perhaps this option is one you might want to consider inside of buying a custom frame?

It is possible to trade time for equipment and build a frame with minimal equipment. However even a bare bones budget is going to be a lot more than $200. With time you might get really lucky on Craigslist and/or estate sales. Perhaps your equipment budget can be increased?
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