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Originally Posted by jmaher View Post
Any opinion on Easy Motion bikes by BH? They use the Brose motor.
We have an older Easy Motion in the shop which uses hub motors and a least some of their new stuff which I have seen is not the prettiest. However Brose makes a fine motor so it would be at least well motored now. The Atom Diamond Wave Pro is probably what you are looking for assuming it is a city bike. It seems very European in style which isn't bad but I wish instead they used a belt drive with the IGH and used hydraulic disc brakes instead of hydraulic rim brakes but everything else looks like decent enough spec. If you are talking Atom X mountain bike it seems like a good bike but not the best looking. Though not sure why XT 10 speed on the hardtail but 11 speed XT on the full sus. If you like the bike go for it.

As far as Stromer they are still stuck in the past with hub driven motors. Certainly they made some of the best bikes on the market for a while but they haven't moved to mid drive like everyone else. 10k for a hub driven bike,, the ST5, is way overpriced. They put a lot of nice parts on it and maybe it is super technologically advanced in some places but it weighs quite a bit and puts a good bit of weight as rotational weight (over 10 pounds). Also boost spaced front but 12x135 rear, what the huh? They could do great things with Bosch or Brose in their stable.
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