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KT driving to video store, circa 1989 (like first year in college).

Motorcycle cop following about 2 feet behind my 1981 Honda Civic Hatchback for about last 5 miles to the video store I was going to in order to return some vids. He was tailgating so closely that I couldn't see anything but the top of his front tire and part of windshield.

Cop: Didn't you see me behind you with my lights on?
KT: No, you were following so closely I couldn't see your lights. They were out of my line of vision.
Cop: Is your car in roadworthy order if you can't see the person behind you?
KT: I didn't say I couldn't see you. I said you were following so closely that your lights were under the bottom line of my back window, so I didn't see them.
Cop: Were you using your radar detector there? (pointing to a radar detector I had, but was turned off)
KT: Would I be getting this stupid F*(%/$@ ticket if I was?

Not only did he give me the ticket, but I ticked him off so bad that he appeared "out of nowhere" and gave me 2 other tickets within the following week.
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