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Originally Posted by BarryCW View Post
Thanks for taking an interest, the BB has serial number WN0001433. I have taken a real interest in how these bikes found there way to NZ. If it was imported at time of manufacture, it would have been one of the few that were allowed, the government of the time slashed import quotas so that the local industry could prosper during the 10 speed boom of the 1970's. 90% of bikes in NZ were made locally by Healing and Morrison (and we made many Raleigh 20's as well) In the late 80's this all changed, imports restrictions disappeared and the world changed, our cycle manufacturing more or less died. Bit of a rant, dear I say it even in non authentic single speed form it sure makes a fine bike to ride all these years later (once I worked out there is such a thing as 120mm drop out spacing....to further discover that a Shimano sealed bearing bottom bracket would screw right in made me very happy. Hope I don't get blacklisted on the Raleigh sites now.
I see Pcampeau caught my error too. That is a 1980 serial number. I am quite surprised by the lugs, as they're identical to ones on early 70's Grand Sports. It's not a bike to sneeze at by any means. Took a spin on my Grand Sports today. It is a smooth and pleasant rider.
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