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Originally Posted by rasheed
the only 3 ring guide i know of is the heim 3guide. my internet's kind of screwy right now, otherwise, i'd give you a link. i think pricepoint's got them so check there.

for double rings, e13 components also makes a great guide; the DRS. i've only seen great reviews for it and am considering one myself--i just need the cash.
Rasheed is right on the money. Heim 3-guide is made by Montara Products. Click on the name to their link. It should be the bomb for three rings. I fabricated a copy with stainless and a skateboard wheel last year and it ran fine and was totally shiftable to all three rings. For two rings, the DRS is the way to go; though Heim does make a 2-Guide now too. Also, check out the Envy double-e2 - - burly bash guard that you can run a granny on the inside of and manually drop your chain to for the long uphill grinds.

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