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Originally Posted by Pcampeau View Post
BarryCW your bike was made in October of 1980. It is in fact an export model. The W at the front of your serial number indicates that it was made at Carlton’s Worksop factory. The N as the second digit was used to designate that the frame was made in October (each month was a different letter). The third digit is the is the year. A 0 is for 1980, a 1 would be 81 and a 2 would be 82. This serial number system began in 1973, before that W was not used at the front. If it had been a 1970 frame the serial # would begin with an E, 71would be an F, 72 a G. That system began with an A in 1966 and ended in the middle of 1973 with H and the W system began. I hope the 1980 year is not a disappointment to you as you have a bike that was made for Raleigh by Carlton at a time when they still put out great bikes!
Thanks for this, I do so enjoy the detailed knowledge base that this forum has to offer. Among other things makes me feel a little less mad and obsessed. Not disappointed at all re the 1980 vintage, it is a great bike.
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