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Echh, I haven't had too many humorous encounters with cops. They're always towing my car at DUI checkpoints, or arresting me in the middle of the night or some sh*t like that.

Although one time, I went home for Thanksgiving break. Raided my parents fridge and closets as usual for food and knick-knacks. So I'm headed south on the 101 and I'm flying up the left lane on a 3-lane section. Just as I'm about to zoom past the car in the middle lane, I notice that on the other side of him in the right land was a CHP car! So I gently roll off the gas and eased onto my brakes so that I end up passing them at just 1-2 mph faster. Then I pulled back into the middle lane... well, too little too late, the cop pulled in behind me, sat there for a nerve-racking 30-seconds and lit up the bubble-gum machines.

I pull over and the cop comes up to the side of the car. He said that my tags were expired, could he get my license and registration. Well, it turns out in my rush to get home for turkey, I forgot my wallet at home and my new reg. stickers. So here I am on the side of the road, expired tags, no license, and my car filled with stuff that looked like I just robbed someone's house (well, I actually did). He called in my plates and it came back OK because I really had been paid up. And as he turn leave and let me go, he said, "Yeah, and slow down, I saw you coming up really fast there" . So I coud've been busted for expired tags, driving without a license and speeding all in one ticket!

Whew! I sighed in relief as the copper slid back into his car. I go to start my car >crank,crank< huh? I had left the headlights ON and ran down the batteries while sitting on the side of the road! Now what? At this point, I had nothing to lose, eh? So I ran back and asked the cop for a push! Sure enough, he eased up the cattle-catchers to my bumper and gently got me up to 10mph and backed off, let out the clutch, >chirp< goes the tyres and >WROOMMM< we're back on the road!

Check out this cop gag.

NSFW warning: may have adult-content ads...

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