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Originally Posted by Piperflyer View Post
the other option is to keep your truck just for your “trips” then use your bike for other stuff. You will still also see gas consumtions down, your mileage on your truck will stay down as well as maintenance.
i advocate "car-light" myself ... but the die-hard here aren't satisfied,.. the explain how with insurance costs, and needing to start the car periodically to keep the battery charged ... whatever ... I might have driven twice all year, but I am glad Ihave the car.
This guy .... he Uses his truck, why shouldn't he keep it. it fills roles that a bike simpkly couldn't.

I can see an argument when people who live in certain select lifestyles actually could get by just as well with mass transit and a bike ... but some people actually own, and use their vehicles.

Food delivery would certainly look a lot different without cars ... i don't mean take-out, i mean replacing the semi-trailers which haul dozens of tons of food around to the outlets where we don't even realize how privileged we are to be able to buy it so easily ... on our bikes, looking down our noses at the the truck driver who delivered the food ... because he drove to the store.
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