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My best, was me and my bud were waiting for a club in another state to open...and were cruising the town (he was actually on weekend release from jail...(good kid, just made some rather boneheaded decisions)...very bad that we left the county, let alone state, but that was the only club we knew that wasn't crap that allowed under 21 in)...well we got pulled over while I was going 35 in a 35 zone (WTF?).

...cop walks up...I'm about ready to vomit....

"Hi there son, nice car"


"So is it a 5.0"

---nope, 2.3l

"Doesn't sound stock, what did you do to it?"

---short answer or long officer


---2.3l bored.stroked to 2.7l, dual webber carbs, intake port/polish, exhuast port, knife-edged runners on intake manifold, forced air induction...ports are those NACA ducts at the bottom of my fenders, ECU reprogrammed to remove the rev and speed limiters, as well as modify shift points on the auto tranny. I got bored and decided to make the best of the car without screwing up my insurance rates.

"Not bad at all son, you know your did you see the game yesterday?"


"The basketball game....did the Pacers win?"

--Oh....yeah of course they won....did I do anyhting?

"Nope, just bored."

(right then a car flys by, and some girl hollers nice car...I keep on lookin at her)

"Hold on there...."


"She's off limits...that's my daughter....none of my daughter, and nono of that racing in my town, got it?"

---yep, no problemo

"Oh, and since I know you're here for the club...stay away from the well drinks, they suck"

--Thanks, I don't drink yet though

"Heh, like that ever stopped me when I was your age" (slaps my shoulder...god that was awkward)"

"well, have a nice night"

--You too officer. god was that freaking tense. And weird... SOmetimes I hate small town cops...
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