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Originally Posted by Piperflyer View Post
the other option is to keep your truck just for your “trips” then use your bike for other stuff. You will still also see gas consumtions down, your mileage on your truck will stay down as well as maintenance.

Ding, Ding, Ding... we have a winner here, as a "practical" way of doing "car light"... IMO, at least, that is exactly what I do, we do... I have found that I can,/we can, the wife & I, can have and use her car and... IT IS FREE... YES, it is free, for the Whole YEAR, Yea, TOTALLY free, Who...ho... Compared to us driving my truck the whole year round for everything we want to use a "car" , for...IN fact, we are saving, about $1,000 a year, every year NOT driving my truck and driving her Prius C... NOW, Is that even car light.? probably not to most here, but it is a "better way" of getting around than using my big assed 4X4 truck to get around for just transportation for every time you would drive a car ...

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